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'Down on the ground, people hanging over me: “are you alright Sir? Need any help?” Anyone down needs help, especially on a crowded sidewalk. A hand. I took it and, slowly, very very slowly, I was back on my feet. This expression, you see….I could feel it for the first time.

Christ! I must leave. But something is holding me back. It’s some kind of a face. A boy’s face, My face. I mean. It’s innocent and convincing, somehow. Bullshit. Not innocent at all. Not convincing either. Rather macabre. What is it with Great Jones Street anyhow? The Fire Station? The La MaMa rehearsal Studios? Basquiat’s old painting studio? What is it? I started to run.

I’ve been running all my life. Yet, you’ll find the answer right here in my videos. My theatrical videos. Rather, the videos of my theater works. This is where I live and have lived for the past four decades.'



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Gerald Thomas e Tom Zé - 2024

Gerald Thomas
Persona em Foco - 2020

Gerald Thomas with Frank
Hentschker - 2021

Terra em Trânsito 2021
YouTube - 2021

Gerald Thomas - Roda Viva
TV Cultura - 2017

Gerald Thomas Driving in

Scratching the Surface - 2014

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philip glass

Philip Glass on Gerald Thomas: Interview conducted in January 2009 by Patrick Grant in New York City.

Philip Glass on Gerald Thomas: Entrevista realizada em janeiro de 2009 por Patrick Grant em Nova Iorque.

programa do Jo

F.E.T.O.: São Paulo - Brazil

F.E.T.O.: São Paulo - Brasil

philip glass

Desfile de João Pimenta: Cenário e texto de Gerald Thomas

João Pimenta's Fashion Show: Scenery and text by Gerald Thomas

philip glass

Starte Program: Globo News - Brazil

Programa Starte: Globo News - Brasil

Ney em Entredentes

Dilúvio: São Paulo - Brazil

Dilúvio: São Paulo - Brasil

philip glass

G.A.L.A. (with English subtitles): São Paulo - Brazil

G.A.L.A. (com legendas em inglês): São Paulo - Brasil

programa do Jo

Jô's Program: São Paulo - Brazil

Programa do Jô: São Paulo - Brasil